This section contains ‘living file’ of resources designed to increase an understanding of  traceability in laboratory medicine and its impact on reducing between-method variability and improving clinical outcomes for patients.  The resources are presented in four categories. 

Additional resources may be found in the Publications and Meetings section of this website.

Latest updates (March 2022)

Elvar Theodorsson on behalf of the JCTLM WG-TEP is writing documents on Traceability in Laboratory Medicine


Glossary of terms used in traceability in laboratory medicine:

Robert Wielgosz (FR). Access the document here.



JCTLM webinars:

The JCTLM has produced a series of webinars on traceability in laboratory medicine and method standardization / harmonization. Each webinar last for ~20 minutes and each addresses a specific topic. All the webinars are published on the IFCC e-academy and are freely available.

To access the series of webinars, go to:

The individual webinars are listed below together with direct links to the individual webinars.