Traceability - the key to accurate laboratory results for patients

An illustration of the traceability hierarchy for measuring glucose point-of-care in whole blood according to the standard ISO-17511:2020


The results from laboratory medicine tests influence a high percentage of all clinical decisions. The Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM) is working with many global partners to reduce between-method variability. The production and adoption of reference materials, reference methods and the establishment of reference laboratories are drivers for accurate patient results. JCTLM maintains a database of these higher order materials and methods. JCTLM also provides news and educational resources to increase an understanding of the importance of traceability in laboratory medicine.



14th International CIRME meeting: Implementation of metrological traceability in laboratory medicine: where we are and what is missing
JCTLM meeting on Developments in reference measurement systems for C-reactive protein and the importance of maintaining currently used clinical decision-making criteria.