Publication of the annual JCTLM Newsletter


The sixth issue of the JCTLM Newsletter has been published and distributed to all JCTLM Members. The Newsletter:
• Reports on JCTLM activities and Working Groups
• Describes the new Task Force on Reference Measurement System Implementation
• Lists the new entries in the JCTLM database
• Calls for nominations for new materials, methods and services for the database
• Welcomes new personnel in the JCTLM Executive Committee
• Looks forward to the biennial JCTLM Meeting
• Lists other future activities for JCTLM
A copy of the Newsletter is available for download here

Accompanying the Newsletter is a Special Report on the role of external quality assessment (EQA) in monitoring metrological traceability. This thought-provoking report has been written by Tony Badrick from Australia and may be downloaded here

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