JCTLM participation in the 3rd International Congress for Accreditation in the Health Sector


The 3rd International Congress for Accreditation in the Health Sector was organized by the Mexican accreditation body, ac. The Mexican accreditation body is the first non-government body in Mexico for the accreditation of the Conformity Assessment Bodies, which comprise testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, medical laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies, Proficiency Testing Providers and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification / Validation Bodies (GHE VVB). With the support of the accredited community the Mexican accreditation body has developed a forum to share experiences and generate synergies between the medical, chemical and clinical field. The Congress is aimed at staff of Clinical Laboratories, Blood Banks, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Banks and Radiology and Imaging.

Dr. Gary Myers, JCTLM Immediate-Past Chair, attended the Congress in Mexico City, August 22-23, 2019 representing JCTLM. Dr. Myers presented a lecture titled, “Progress on international traceability”. His talk focused on the global importance of traceability in laboratory medicine and the work done by JCTLM to establish and maintain lists of available ISO compliant higher-order reference materials, reference measurement procedures and reference measurement services for laboratory medicine.

Participating in the Congress along with Dr. Myers were Dr. Jack Zakowski, Chair, ISO TC 212 and Dr. Carl Mottram, President, CLSI. Dr. Zakowski spoke on ISO 15189 on Improving Competence and Confidence in the Laboratory Sector. Dr. Mottram spoke on Challenges and Trends of the Comparability of Results and Compliance with the ISO 15189 standard in sampling sites.

Drs. Myers, Zakowski and Mottram also participated in a Q&A roundtable fielding questions on global traceability issues, implementing ISO standards and accreditation and quality issues in laboratory medicine.

There were approximately 600 in attendance during the 2-day congress.

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