JCTLM membership continues to grow



JCTLM is delighted to announce a further three new Members as follows:

National or Regional Member

  1. The All-Russian Scientific Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements (VNIIOFI) is based in Moscow. VNIIOFI has developed reference methods for measuring molar concentrations of important electrolytes in serum and plasma and has taken part in international comparisons for serum cholesterol.

Stakeholder Members

  1. The Association for Quality Management in Laboratory Medicine (AQMLM) is based in Birmingham, UK. AQMLM is a not-for-profit organisation that provides seminars and workshops on quality management to Quality Managers and Quality Leads in clinical laboratories. Topics include analytical quality, traceability and uncertainty measurement
  2. Birmingham Quality/ UK NEQAS Birmingham (BQ) is an international provider of EQA services in clinical chemistry, endocrinology, haematinics, antibodies and other areas. BQ uses reference method systems to validate target values.

These three new Members mean that JCTLM increased its membership by 15 organisations during 2017.


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