Global clinical laboratory method harmonization takes another step forward


The International Consortium for Harmonization of Clinical Laboratory Results (ICHCLR) has become a JCTLM Stakeholder Member. This important collaboration signals another step forward in the global coordination of clinical laboratory method harmonization.




The objectives of ICHCLR are:

  • to improve the harmonization of results from clinical laboratory measurement procedures for measurands (analytes) that do not have reference measurement procedures
  • to provide a resource center for information on global activities to harmonize and standardize clinical laboratory measurement procedures

ICHCLR has developed the tools, infrastructure and expertise to evaluate the clinical importance and practicability of proposals to reduce the between method variability of key biomarkers. This resource enables expert groups to undertake analyte-specific projects to achieve method harmonization / standardization. Where possible reference materials arising out of these projects will be submitted for listing on the JCTLM database.

Further details of the work of ICHCLR may be found at 

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