Greater global reach for traceability in laboratory medicine


Recognition of the importance of traceability in laboratory medicine has reached two more countries.

Firstly, JCTLM welcomes the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC) as a new National Member. CSCC is an active professional body in the field of laboratory medicine with a proven track record of promoting quality. Individuals who are members of CSCC are already participating in scientific projects to reduce the between-method variability of key biomarkers.

Secondly, there was a presentation on traceability from Graham Jones (AU) at the annual meeting of the College of Chemical Pathologists of Sri Lanka (CCPSL). The presentation, entitled ‘Standardization and traceability’ was awarded JCTLM auspices. Details of how to obtain JCTLM auspices for a presentation, symposium or meeting may be found at the bottom of the ‘Meetings’ section of this website.

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