Traceability in laboratory medicine highlighted in two more countries


The global reach of JCTLM continues to grow, with presentations in Nigeria and at the EQALM annual symposium in Croatia.

The biennial meeting of the Association of Clinical Chemists of Nigeria, held in Awka, included a presentation from Dr Graham Beastall, entitled ‘Traceability in laboratory medicine: what is it and why is it important for patients?’  This presentation was pre-recorded, using the software package Knovio. This presentation may be accessed as a webinar at: The ability to pre-record lectures (slides and audio) for presentation at a conference is a growing trend, which is a cost-effective solution to pressures on diaries and travel expenses.

At the same time as the ACCN meeting was taking place in Nigeria the European Organisation for External Quality Assurance Providers in Laboratory Medicine (EQALM) held its annual symposium in Zagreb, Croatia. The scientific programme contained two presentations relevant to the work of JCTLM. Professor Greg Miller (US) delivered the keynote Adam Uldall lecture entitled ‘Future challenges in EQA, with special emphasis on harmonization and commutability’. Dr Graham Beastall delivered a lecture entitled ‘Traceability in laboratory medicine: why is it important?’.  The inclusion of these two presentations in the EQALM programme highlights the growing role of EQA organisers in helping to identify clinically important analytes where the between-method variability is a problem and where a global method harmonisation project may be justified.

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