Standardization and harmonization of methods: a new webinar provides clarity



JCTLM is delighted to announce the availability of its latest webinar on the scientific concepts involved in reducing between method variability. The terms standardization and harmonization are regarded by many laboratory medicine specialists as being interchangeable. However, the two terms have different metrological definitions and an appreciation of the differences will help laboratory medicine specialists to better understand the importance of traceability in laboratory medicine as a driver for better quality laboratory methods.


This webinar has been prepared by Professor Elvar Theodorsson from the University of Linköping in Sweden. This is the second in a series of webinars that will build into a directory of the scientific concepts involving traceability in laboratory medicine. The webinar should be of interest to all laboratory medicine specialists.


Professor Theodorsson will address this and other scientific concepts in the JCTLM sponsored symposium, which is being held at EuroMedLab in Athens in June 2017.


The webinar is freely available from the IFCC eAcademy. Click on the following link to take you directly to the webinar:  


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