PowerPoint presentations available from recent conferences


There were symposia on traceability in laboratory medicine at two recent conferences and the presentations are available as follows:

 A symposium entitled ‘Traceability in the clinical laboratory: its meaning and relevance in the clinical laboratory’ was presented at the XIII Congreso Latinoamericano de Bioquímica Clínica, held in Punta de Este, Uruguay from 17-20 September 2017. Two presentations (in Spanish) are available:

  • Trazabilidad en el laboratorio clínico: lo que cada profesional de laboratorio clínico debería saber'. Silvia Quiroga (Argentina). Presentation here
  • ‘Trazabilidad y armenización: una herramienta poderosa para la veracidad del resultado del laboratorio’. Marta Torres (Argentina). Presentation here

A symposium entitled ‘Traceability in laboratory medicine: what is it and why is it important?’ was delivered at the IFCC WorldLab congress in Durban, South Africa on 24 October 2017. The three presentations from the symposium are available:

  • ‘Traceability in laboratory medicine: what every laboratory specialist should know’. Gary Myers (USA). Presentation here
  • ‘Traceability and harmonization – powerful tools for trueness of laboratory results’. Elvar Theodorsson (Sweden). Presentation here.
  • ‘Why traceability in laboratory medicine is important for patients and the public.’ Graham Beastall (UK). Presentation here




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