Four PowerPoint presentations from JCTLM symposium


The importance of traceability in laboratory medicine was evident at the EuroMedLab congress in Athens in June 2017. There were four symposia with content linked to traceability and/or method standardisation.

The JCTLM symposium was entitled “Traceability in laboratory medicine: what is it and why is it important?” The four PowerPoint presentations from this symposium are available for download:

  1. Traceability in laboratory medicine: what every laboratory specialist should know

Gary Myers (US). Presentation here

  1. “Traceability and harmonization; powerful tools for trueness of laboratory results”

Elvar Theodorsson (SE). Presentation here

  1. “Why traceability is important for the public”

Graham Jones (AU). Presentation here

  1. “Traceability, education and promotion: getting the message out”

Graham H Beastall (UK). Presentation here

Readers are able to use these presentations for teaching purposes. Original (non-pdf) slides are available by contacting the individual authors.

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