Why Become a JCTLM Member Organization?


19 January 2017 

Some 40 organizations are already Members of JCTLM. However, JCTLM is keen to expand this figure. JCTLM Membership is free of charge and is open to organizations which are authorities in their fields of professional and technical competence. There are three categories of Membership:

  • National and Regional Members
  • Stakeholder Members
  • Executive Committee Members

National and Regional Members

These adhere to and/or contribute to the activities of the intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations that are members of the JCTLM Executive Committee (see below) and that have expertise in traceability in laboratory medicine. National and Regional Societies of laboratory medicine and National Metrology Institutes are in this category.

Stakeholder Members

These are properly constituted “non-profit” and “for-profit” organizations, with interest, expertise and a demonstrable record of working to reduce the ‘between method variability’ in laboratory medicine measurements and a commitment to promote the JCTLM database and activities. Diagnostics companies and External Quality Assessment providers are in this category.

Executive Committee Members

These are Intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations and bodies. There are currently three Executive Committee Members BIPM, IFCC and ILAC


The benefits of JCTLM Membership include:


  • Be part of an international platform which offers opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience with other experts at the biennial Members’ Meeting.
  • Stay informed with recent updates of the JCTLM database listing higher order certified reference materials, methods and measurement services and relevant events through publications, annual meeting reports and newsletters. 


  • Make your voice heard by contributing to guidance on internationally recognized and accepted equivalence of measurements in laboratory medicine and traceability to appropriate measurement standards.
  • Gain world-wide exposure and recognition for your organization’s involvement in traceability by utilizing the JCTLM logo and communication tools and by participating in the JCTLM working groups’ activities.


  • Nominate individuals to working groups to contribute to world-wide activities in identifying higher order materials, methods and reference measurement systems.
  • Express your views on the Executive Committee reports and plans presented to the Members’ Meeting and uncover new initiatives in the development and implementation of traceable reference measurement systems. 

Further information on JCTLM Membership is available here

An application form to apply for JCTLM Membership is available at: https://form.jotform.com/61653077284965

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