JCTLM membership reaching across the globe


JCTLM is delighted to announce five more new Members as follows:

Stakeholder Members

  1. Fujirebio Europe NV is based in Belgium. It is an international healthcare company marketing IVD testing solutions with expertise in automated immunoassay testing, molecular diagnostics and strip-based diagnostics.
  2. Bio-Rad Laboratories is based in California. It is an international diagnostics company with expertise in quality control management, diabetes monitoring, blood virus testing and detection, blood typing and autoimmune disorders testing
  3. UK NEQAS for Leucocyte Immunophenotyping (UKNEQAS LI) is based in Sheffield, UK. It is an international EQA organiser providing services for molecular haemato-oncology and flow cytometry for haematological/immunological assays. Currently, there are over 1700 active registrations worldwide within the 24 programmes now operated by the centre.
  4. DEQAS is based in London, UK. It is DEQAS is the leading international EQA scheme for vitamin D metabolites with 1200 participants in 54 countries. It works closely with the Vitamin D Standardisation Programme

National or Regional Member

  1. The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Metrological Service (VNIIMS) is based in Moscow. VNIIMS participates in joint work to ensure Traceability in Laboratory Medicine and bioanalysis with NMIs from other countries and with Russian scientific and medical organizations.

As these new members demonstrate JCTLM works with a wide range on organisations, including national metrology institutes (NMI) diagnostics companies, EQA providers. Details of how to become a JCTLM Member may be found in the Aside Content panel of the Latest News section of this website.

The global reach of JCTLM membership is impressive. Click here for a map. 

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