The central role of EQA in harmonisation and standardisation for laboratory medicine


Rhonda Greaves from Australia has written a powerful editorial on this topic in the April issue of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (Clin Chem Lab Med 2017; 55(4): 471-473). As she points out external quality assurance (EQA) is often the mechanism by which discordance between the results from different methods is identified. Therefore, EQA is recognised as a pillar in the overall process of standardisation. The other four pillars of standardisation are:

  • Certified reference materials (CRM)
  • Reference measurement procedures (RMP)
  • Reference laboratories
  • Reference intervals and decision points

The editorial refers to another article in the same issue (p522-529), which illustrates how the establishment of an EQA for serum dihydrotestosterone has helped to identify the need for method standardisation.


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