Two New JCTLM Stakeholder Members


JCTLM is delighted to welcome Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (Siemens Dx) and Maccura Biotechnology Co. Ltd as its latest stakeholder members.

Based in Tarrytown in the USA Siemens Dx is one of the largest diagnostics companies in the world with a wide range of high quality products across laboratory medicine for the global market.

Based in Chengdu in China, Maccura manufactures and distributes in-vitro diagnostic products for use in laboratory medicine. To assure quality Maccura operates an accredited reference laboratory and participates in the RELA scheme.

JCTLM stakeholder members are properly constituted “non-profit” and “for-profit” organizations, with interest, expertise and a demonstrable record of working to reduce the ‘between method variability’ in laboratory medicine measurements and a commitment to promote the JCTLM database and activities. There is no fee involved in becoming a stakeholder member.

The list of JCTLM members can be found in the Partners section of this website. Details of how to become a JCTLM member may be found in the Aside Content panel in the Latest News section of the website.


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